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Move With Me

This class focuses on assisted movement, coordination, and basic kinetic skills through circle time, tumble time, and structured stations, all while incorporating favorite songs and favorite people, and lots of wiggles and giggles

Tender Toes

A class to introduce your tiniest dancers to dance class without parents. This class will incorporate very basic dance moves, simple tumble circuits, and creative movement.

Munchkin Movement

Still using the fundamentals of Creative Movement this precious age will begin learning intro to ballet and we will introduce Tap in January.

Fabulous Feet

Ballet and Tap Combo class that will focus on ballet progression and basic tap rhythms and sounds.


A faster paced class from our earlier preschool levels. Class often found in combo form. This age focuses on beginning ballet, more concrete tap steps, and our newest class Broadway Babies. Teaching young dancers the core fundamentals for each discipline. A perfect balance between fun and educational!

Broadway Babies

*NEW* A performance based class that introduced Broadway to our youngest dancers. With a beginner jazz base dancers will learn the fine art of performing, entertaining, and lighting up the stage alongside some of our favorite Broadway tunes!

Hippity Hop

Intro to Hip Hop. Using basic creative movement and introduction to jazz dance, instructors teach a stylized and refined form of street dancing in a fun way using carefully selected music for movement. Kids will learn dance moves while and most of all have fun!


Ballet is the foundation of dance and all technique disciplines are derived from Ballet. Ballet introduces technique through barre work, across the floor and center exercises to give students a strong foundation of skills. We strongly encourage all students taking classes to include ballet in their weekly dance schedule to help excel and progress in their dance education. There will be an emphasis on technique, poise, rhythm and self- discipline. Principles related to body alignment, muscle control, timing and spatial awareness will be investigated as well.

Hip Hop

Exciting urban, street-style choreography that focuses on individual style and expression is paired up with popular and age appropriate music to create fun performances. It encompasses everything from popping and locking to break dancing, footwork, jumps and ticking. Hip Hop dance is a balance of letting go and being loose with your body and movements, while at the same time controlling them as well. Whether it is fast or slow, Hip Hop is a style of dance that is filled with character, attitude and fun!!


Tap is a style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork and rhythms. Our tap classes stress the basics of tap while also teaching musicality and rhythm.


Classical Jazz is medium paced and is based on style, utilizing both full body flexibility and isolated moves


*NEW* Modern dance technique is designed to develop the mind, body and spirit to be an expressive communicator through movement. Structured technical exercises that condition the body for strength, coordination and flexibility are developed. Physical activities which focus on the aspects of space, time, shape and movement dynamics are explored through individual work as well as group participation

Musical Theater

A fun, fast paced class geared toward the future Broadway star in all of us. This class, takes acting and dancing to a whole new level, combining ballet, jazz and contemporary styles alongside performance and theatrics!


Learn music interpretation through sustained extensions and expressive emotion. Lyrical is a type of dance that relies on a direct relationship between the lyrics of various songs/poems and specific dance movements. Ballet strongly encouraged for all levels, and required for levels 2 and 3. 


Use dance as an emotional outlet, encourages the dancer to tap into their passion for dance. Improvisational elements and modern dance essentials, and assists the dancer in seeking the inner motivation to dance, perform and move. Classes encourages improvisational techniques to create a more confident dancer. 


Pointe is an extension of ballet. It requires solid, consistent, and current ballet training coupled with strength in the legs and the core of the dancer's body


These are non recital classes that focus on breaking down the technique of that given style. Taken in conjunction with that style class dancers often see themselves progress quicker due to more frequent repetition and understanding or take this class to assist in the strength of another style. 

Jumps Turns Leaps

This class is a technique class that is dedicating to learning, improving, and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks, turns, etc. Stretch and strengthening is also combined to improve dancers’ power.

Stretch & Strength

An intense class that works to improve the dancer's strength and flexibility.

Acrobatics & Tumble

This class utilizes, teaches, and focuses on flexibility, strength, and control. Students will learn classic acrobatic moves including basic contortion and tumbling and how it integrates into dance technique.

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