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COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Updated 4/19/21 10:10am

*Policies evaluated every 30 days

At The Dance Company, the health and safety of our entire community is our number one priority.  

Online and In Person Classes

All of our classes will have a remote learning option. Students may choose to enroll online or in person. Each studio will be equipped with 60+ inch monitors, a web cam system and reliable internet to ensure a smooth class opportunity for all. Children will learn in real time, and be taught alongside children in the studio by the same teacher. 

Virtual Classroom

*Updated 11/18/20

The virtual classroom is open for any class at TDC. Many of our students have utilized the classroom regularly or temporarily (including when they are quarantined). Any students may join our virtual classroom as they choose, however there is a lot of admin work that goes into entering students into the virtual classroom so we ask that you please notify the office as soon as possible and at least 2 hours prior to your class, we cannot guarantee your child will get into the class otherwise if the office is busy. If you wish to schedule virtual classes on the same day as your class please list VIRTUAL CLASS TODAY in your email subject. If you wish to make a more permanent changed please reach out and we can help get you set up.

If we do need to close for any amount of time we will transition to our virtual classroom for all students. If this occurs an email will be sent out with details.


*Updated 1/15/21

We continue to evaluate our policies regularly and make changes as needed. We are continuing our mask requirement for all dancers in class ages 5+ (kidlet classes +). This will be effective until further notice. We will evaluate and update as needed.

Mask Safety

Teachers are working together to modify cardiovascular activity, give mask breaks if needed, and frequent drink breaks during class. Please be sure to send water bottles to class. Dancers who dance several classes back to back are encouraged to bring more than one mask.

Social Distance

The floors in each studio are marked with social distancing grids to assist with proper spacing in class when kids are not masked. This allows for smaller class sizes.

Socially distant space will be available in our student space for when students have to wait in between classes. Masks will be required.

Health Screenings

Staff will conduct health screenings upon arrival.

Overall Health

We will encourage frequent hand cleansing and good hygiene practices throughout the studio. 

We will require all students and staff who are ill to stay home. Our zoom option will be available for every class so students can take from home if they wish. 

We have made changes to the schedule to allow cleaning breaks, smaller class sizes, and block scheduling to minimize the number of days/times children have to come to the studio based on their levels. 

We’ve made several facility adaptations to minimize contact and mingling.

Preschool students will be provided their own prop packs for class. 


In the event that we do learn of any cases of Covid-19 with staff or students at TDC we will follow the guidance of the Department of Health and Human Services on the proper steps to take.


Please follow the CDC guidelines in this document if you have been exposed to Covid-19.


There will be frequent cleanings of studios in accordance with all CDC guidelines. A small break between all classes with new students entering was created in the schedule to allow time for cleaning. We will be using the BIOPROTECTUs™ system in each studio. 

Bathrooms will be clean and wiped down regularly.

Surfaces such as door knobs, ballet barres, and light switches will be cleaned in between each class. 

We have purchased HEPA air filter systems for each studio. 

Acro equipment will be wiped down after each use. Students will be assigned to their own mat. 

Sanitizer is readily available and placed throughout the studio. 

The BIOPROTECTUs™ system uses patented technologies to modify surfaces, providing such surfaces with disinfection and durable long term antimicrobial protection (for up to 90 days) that kills and inhibits the growth of non-public health bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae that can exist on many everyday surfaces.

Waiting Room

*Updated 1/15/21

At this time if your child(ren) are over the age of 5 and comfortable in the building, we ask that you drop them off and wait in the car to prevent many people in the waiting room at one time. We also ask that only one person attends with the dancer if and when possible. While our lobby is open (and encouraged for those ages 5 and under) we do have capacity limitations and do not want to be forced to close the lobby entirely. When in the lobby we ask that you remain masked (which everyone has been so great about – thank you) and socially distant.