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TDC POLICIES 2021-2022


Our season is designed to include 34 weeks of classes over the course of 10 months. Tuition is broken into 10 equal payments. Classes are priced individually. Package pricing is available. 

TDC does not bill for tuition. 

Please see our Rates Page for more detailed class costs.

Automatic Payments

All families enter into an automatic payment fee schedule. Payments are processed automatically on the 1st of each month. TDC accepts Visa and Mastercard. If you prefer your card not be charged you may pay check, cash, or credit card in the office PRIOR TO THE 1st of each month.

Late Payments

Accounts not paid within terms are subject to an accruing $15 finance charge and after 30 days discontinued services until paid. 

Accounts more than 60 days past due may be submitted to collection services. If submitted to collections, a fee of 40% of your total will be added to the account to cover the collection costs. 

Additional Fees

Registration Fee- A non refundable $30 registration fee is due upon registration

Recital Fees- Costume (Per class per student) fees due 11/5/21 ($50). Balances due 2/5/22. Recital fee ($25) due 2/5/22.

Spring Ballet Fee- $50 Participation Fee per class.

Holiday Show (Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical)- $20 Costume Rental Fee per class

Should we be unable to have a live performance, TDC does reserve the right to make adjustments to this fee due date if and when needed. In the event that this happens we will contact you via email with any changes we will need to make.


Siblings receive a 5% discount on the smaller tuition account for regular school year classes. TDC also offers a multiclass discount of 5% after the first class is paid in full. Sibling and multiclass discounts do not apply to package pricing. No sibling or multiclass discounts are offered for summer classes, theater programs, master classes, performance groups, dance team, and registration fees.


TDC does require a minimum number of students to enroll in a class in order for the class to run. Because of this, TDC reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes or cancel classes. 

TDC reserves the right to provide a substitute or replacement teacher as TDC may deem necessary.

Studio Closure

In the event of a studio closure, TDC reserves the right to deliver class content via an online system when classes are not able to be conducted live for any reason including, but not limited to: illness, weather, teacher absence, or governmental advisory.


All classes participate in our year end live recital. Each class has a costume unless noted on the schedule as a “technique” class.

Rates – per costume

Age 2- $50

Ages 4 and under: $65  

Kidlet, Mini, Intro to Acro: $65

All other classes: $75

*Costumes do not include tights.


A $50 Deposit is automatically charged to your account on 11/5/21. 


The remaining balance and recital fee is automatically charged on 02/5/22.


Costumes are ordered once deposits are received. Costumes will not be ordered if deposit payment is 30 days past due.


Students are measured for costumes in classes and they will be delivered March-May. If a costume does not fit, we are able to exchange within one week of receiving it at no cost to you, if it is returned in its original packaging. After that week, there may be additional shipping/handling fees and/or limited availability.


If a child wishes to withdraw from a class or change a class, notify the office IN WRITING prior to the 1st of the month. Tuition will continue to be charged until proper paperwork is turned in and is non-refundable.


Any class dropped after registration is subject to a $25 administrative drop fee beginning Nov 1st. This fee will be automatically debited from your account at the time of the drop.


Should an injury occur a doctor’s note is required and only half month’s tuition will be due during the time out requested by the doctor. We welcome students to attend class to observe during this time.

Late Registration

Should a child not be able to begin classes in September, full tuition is due to hold their place in class; we cannot guarantee the spot otherwise. The same applies for an extended absence during the year. Should a child join late and space is available in a class the tuition will be prorated based on the week started. 

After November 30th, registration is at the teacher’s discretion. Those registering late may be responsible for additional shipping costs of costumes if they have already been ordered.


AT TDC we all strive for the same goal and that is to help your child become successful in dance. Regardless of whether they are enrolled in our preschool, recreational, or competitive program!

Placement Level

Students are placed into a class based on age, skill level, and prior experience. Our classes are designed to begin placing students by age. While this does not hold true for every child, most children need a minimum of two years per level to develop the necessary skills to move up, some more some less. In 4th or 5th grade students are evaluated and placed accordingly. Please note: Ballet is highly recommended for all ages, however once in Level 1, it is a prerequisite for any technique class with the exception of tap, hip hop, and acro.

Note: It is never too late to begin dancing. While sometimes a child may find themselves in a class with children slightly younger, don’t get discouraged! With some hard work and determination, they can be moving up before you know it.


Class Enrollment

A minimum number of 5 children is required for a class to run. Some exceptions may be made. If a cancellation is necessary, you will be notified, and we will assist you in finding an appropriate alternative. If we cannot accommodate your dancer, we will give you a refund.

Small Class Attendance

We do have a small class policy in place. At the teacher’s discretion, any class with one student on any given day will be cut in half. Any class with 2 or 3 students in attendance that day will be shortened by 15 minutes. This does not apply to private or semi-private lessons.


For a student to reach their full potential a student must attend class on a consistent basis. It is the responsibility of both the student and their parents that they attend class on time and regularly. We encourage students to arrive early. Children who are injured are encouraged to come and watch class if they are unable to dance. If you will not be attending class, we kindly ask that you make an effort to notify the teacher or the office so they can plan class accordingly.

Frequent absences affect not only the student but the entire class, especially when working on choreography. Consistent absences during recital preparation period (April-June) may result in dancers being taken out of parts of the choreography.


While we are aware sometimes things happen, this rule is in place for the safety of the dancer. Should any student come to class late they will be asked to sit and stretch on their own. If they are 15 minutes late or more, they will be asked to sit and watch.

Running Late

In our experience, arriving too late for a scheduled class can cause extreme anxiety in younger children. Prompt pick up especially for younger children cannot be stressed enough. The feeling of being ”forgotten” can sometimes ruin a class experience. In addition, oftentimes teachers run from one class to another with no time in between. Should you be running late please call to notify us so we can inform your child and give them the appropriate attention needed so they do not experience the feeling of being forgotten at the dance studio!

Early Arrivals

In addition, we ask that you do not arrive more than 20 minutes early for your dance class. The studio opens 30 minutes before the start of the day.


Snow/Inclement Weather Cancellation

In the event of inclement weather, please call the studio and a recorded message will notify you if your in-person class will run that day (by 8am for morning classes and by 3pm for afternoon). If the schools are closed it does not mean TDC is closed. Given our technology capabilities this year if the studio is to close for a snow day we will resume classes online if we are able. 

Makeup Policy Student/Teacher

Should a teacher be unable to teach a class we will first attempt to find a substitute teacher that can provide the same quality instruction as they do. If this is unavailable to them, the class will be canceled and a make-up class will be scheduled as soon as possible.


The best compliment you could possibly give TDC is recommending us to your friends and family as we all work together to grow an amazing dance studio. As our way of saying thank you for every friend referred you will receive a $10 credit on your account. YOUR FRIEND MUST LET US KNOW when registering (not after). The credit may only be used towards classes. We cannot use referral credits for costumes, recital fees, etc.


In 2019 TDC completed renovations on a beautiful 8500 sq foot building that boasts 4 dance studios, a separate acrobatics studio, a generous sized waiting area, student lounge, closed circuit tv and more. 


The lobby is designed for the convenience of our students and their families. Generally we welcome parents and students to use our lobby as they wait. 

Lounge Area

Just as it says, the student lounge is for students only. This area is for students who may have a break between classes. Couches and tables have been removed but socially distant seating will be available for students who have breaks to wait. We will ask students to be responsible for cleaning their own station with cleaning wipes provided. 

There will be no microwave or fridge available this year.


Please visit our health and safety page on our website for more information on actions being taken for COVID-19 we update this page regularly. 

We rely on parents to make decisions when your child is not feeling well. No child with a fever or those exhibiting any signs of COVID-19 are permitted in the building. 

Students should inform their teachers of any injury or other medical conditions that affect stamina or performance. However, if your child is sick please stay home and get well!


Oftentimes it is difficult to communicate with parents on a night in which your child may have class. Conversations between classes are not permitted as many teachers have classes that run back to back. However, we want to make sure that the lines of communication consistently remain open.

We use EMAIL for newsletters, and all important information to assure that parents receive the information as well as to save on the use of paper. If you do not have or use email, please notify us and we will make other arrangements.

*** If you are not receiving emails and information from TDC at least once per month, check in with us. We have no way of knowing you are not receiving it unless you let us know.

FYI: If you SPAM the TDC emails, the database company will set your account to “do not send”! The best way to contact us is via email or a phone call during scheduled office hours. We are happy to set up parent teacher conferences should you have any concerns or questions that need to be addressed.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or need clarity on anything throughout the year, please see any one of our friendly admin staff. They will be more than happy to help.