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Virtual Classes

Comfort, safety, and convenience in your own home!

All of our classes for the 2020-2021 season will have a remote learning option. Students may choose to enroll online or in person. Each studio will be equipped with 60+ inch monitors, a web cam system and reliable internet to ensure a smooth class opportunity for all. Children will learn in real time, and be taught alongside children in the studio by the same teacher.

How to register:

Dancers will register through our online portal for the season titled “Dance Season 2020/2021- ONLINE OPTION”. *When enrolling in online classes, please make sure your individual class has the word ONLINE next to it. For example, “Ballet 1 ONLINE”.

Tuition: Tuition remains the same for both in class and virtual classes.

Space is Limited- To ensure a quality class experience for all, space is limited in our virtual classes as well as our in person classes.

How it works:

The online class schedule is exactly the same as our in person class schedule. Teachers will teach virtual and in studio classes simultaneously. We have outfitted the studio to provide a quality virtual experience to ensure our online classes are receiving the same quality instruction as our in studio classes. A detailed information sheet of where to access classes will be emailed out.

Hybrid Class Option:

Students enrolled in our in studio classes are able to switch to virtual classes at any time if it is a temporary switch. If it’s a permanent switch, you must notify the office to make the switch on your account. 

Students enrolled in our virtual classes have the option to join in studio classes IF space is available (important- space is defined by the guidelines set forth by the NH reopening task force to ensure social distancing).

Virtual students can transition to in-studio classes the first week of each month only. If you wish to be switched to in-studio classes, we ask that you please notify the office.

Dress Code- Remains the same as in studio classes. Visit our Dress Code Page for info.

Policies- All TDC policies set forth for the 2020/2021 class year apply to both in-studio and virtual classes.

Recital- Our virtual students are still very much included in our classes! Students will perform in the recital with their class. When recital planning time approaches, virtual students will have the option to opt in or out of recital by 12/31/20. We anticipate virtual and in-studio classes coming together by late spring to rehearse for the recital together. These dates will be announced with our recital 2021 plans. 

All Recital Fees remain the same for virtual classes.

Join your class!

Click here to access our TDC Virtual Classroom

*This page is password protected. Please check your email for the password to access this page

Trouble entering the password? We recommend using a computer and not an iPad/tablet to access this page. If using an iPad/tablet follow these steps to enter the password:

  1. Tap in the email “subscribe” box below where the password is entered.
  2. Using your iPad keyboard, tap the “up” arrow on the top right. It will move the cursor into the password box.
  3. Type the password you received via email (don’t try to click anything else) and hit “go” on the keyboard instead of trying to hit enter.

If the above steps do not work please try using a different device.