The Dance Company NH young girl doing a back bend dancing

The Dance Company is proud to be an Acrobatic Arts and Alixa Flexibility certified studio. Acrobatics combines the beauty of dance, the wonder of acrobatics, and the power of gymnastics in one exciting sport! Used throughout the dance world and gymnastics world, acrobatics is performed in professional productions such as Cirque du Soleil and many other reputable companies. Students will develop strength, flexibility, and control with an emphasis put on extensive conditioning. Students will learn to execute basics from a forward roll to tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chests stands, needles, illusions, walkovers, aerials, and many more, and how those skills integrate into dance. Basic ballet technique is also helpful in developing your acrobatic skills.


Ages walking through 4

*Stay tuned for information about our next session of Tumblebugs!

Tumblebugs is an exciting program for the little tumbler ages walking through 4. Our program is designed to create a fun and developmentally appropriate social environment for young children all the while teaching them all about movement, dance, and music with a little tumbling too! Children will gain strength, balance, coordination, build confidence and develop loco and growth motor skills.

Preschool Acro

Ages 2.5-4

Our Tiny Tumble and Preschool Acro classes are the perfect way to introduce your 2.5-4 year old to the world of acrobatics! They’ll learn basic tumbling skills, gain strength, coordination, and balance, and of course have tons of fun! At The Dance Company our goal is to boost our students’ confidence and encourage them to try new things! 

Kidlet | Mini | Petite

Ages 5-7, 6-8, 8-10

Our Acro classes for ages 5-10 are geared towards each age group and challenges the student to take risks and expand their acro abilities. With a big focus on technique, strength, flexibility, balance, and tumbling, we are determined to help each acrobat reach their fullest potential.

Kidlet: Ages 5-7

Mini: Ages 6-8

Petite: Ages 8-10

Leveled Acro

Ages 10-18

Leveled acro classes are designed to push each student to reach their fullest potential in acro. We focus on technique, strength, flexibility, balance, variations, partnering, and tumbling. These classes feature a strong focus on blending the dance and gymnastics worlds to create well rounded acrobats.

Acro A: Ages 10-13 Beginner/Int

Acro B: Ages 10-13 *Backbend/Cartwheel Required

Acro C: Ages 10-13 *Front & Back Walkover Required

Acro D: Ages 14-18 Beginner/Int

Acro E: Ages 14-18 *Backbend/Cartwheel Required

Acro F: Ages 14-18 *Front & Back Walkover Required

*NEW* Acro Clinics

Ages 7-18

We are so excited to introduce acro clinics at The Dance Company! These non-recital classes focus on a new skill each week. Classes are geared towards all levels, those learning the skill and those perfecting the skill. Skill focuses include: Cartwheel, back handspring, back walkover, back handspring connections, and front walkover. 

Contact the office to try a class at TDC!