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Recital tickets will be available at the door!
Recital Ticket Door Pricing:
Show 1: $18.50
Show 2-6: $25.00

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Show OrderClassDayClass TimeInstructor
 Opening Number   
1Who Let The Frogs OutTeam Movemint Amanda Gour
2Ballet Age 2-3Wednesday9:15 AMRachel Blanchette
3*The Little Mermaid* Pre-Ballet Age 2-3Wednesday4:00 PMBrittany Kamenos
4Tiny Tumble Ages 2.5-4Thursday6:30 PMRachel Blanchette
5Sing Sing SingTeam Movemint Caryn Miller
6Tiny Tumble Age 2.5-4Tuesday6:15 PMAmanda Gour
7*Beauty and the Beast* BalletTuesday5:30 PMMeg King
8Ballet Age 2-3Saturday9:30 AMGenevieve Guertin
9Ballet Age 2-3Tuesday4:45 PMGenevieve Guertin
10School DaysTeam Movemint Amanda Gour Caryn Miller
Show OrderClassDayClass TimeInstructor
 Opening Number   
1Intro to Acro Age 4-5Monday4:00 PMRachel Blanchette
2Ballet/Tap Age 3-4Friday10:15 AMRachel Blanchette
3Tumble Age 3.5-5Wednesday9:45 AMRachel Blanchette
4Intro to Hippity Hop Age 3.5-5Monday4:45 PMCassie Bertolino
5Ballet Age 4-6Friday11:30 AMRachel Blanchette
6Never EnoughTeam Movemint Amanda Gour
7*Aladdin* AcroWednesday4:00 PMGenevieve Guertin
8Acro/Hippity Hop Age 3.5-5Friday9:30 AMRachel Blanchette
9Ballet Age 3-4Wednesday4:30 PMBrittany Kamenos
10Best Day EverSparkle Squad Group 1 Rachel Blanchette
11Ballet/Tap Age 3.5-5Wednesday10:30 AMRachel Blanchette
12Ballet Age 3.5-5Monday5:30 PMJacqueline Laferriere
13Seven BirdsTeam Movemint Amanda Gour
14Ballet/Tap Age 3.5-5Monday4:45 PMBrittany Kamenos
15Tumble/Hippity HopThursday5:30 PMAmanda Gour
16Kidlet AcroMonday4:45 PMJacqueline Laferriere
17Tap Age 3.5-5Monday6:15 PMRachel Blanchette
18School DaysTeam Movemint Amanda Gour Caryn Miller
Show OrderClassDayStart TimeInstructor
 Opening Number   
1Kidlet JazzWednesday5:15 PMBrittany Kamenos
2Kidlet AcroTuesday4:45 PMRachel Blanchette
3Here Comes The SunTeam Movemint Amanda Gour
4Kidlet/Mini AcroTuesday5:30 PMAmanda Gour
5*101 Dalmations* Tumble/Hippity HopSaturday12:15 PMGenevieve Guertin
6Kidlet BalletTuesday4:00 PMGenevieve Guertin
7Sing Sing SingTeam Movemint Caryn Miller
8Ballet Age 5-7Saturday11:30 AMGenevieve Guertin
9Hippity Hop Age 3.5-5Tuesday6:30 PMRachel Blanchette
10Kidlet BalletWednesday6:00 PMGenevieve Guertin
11Hippity Hop Age 4-6Tuesday5:15 PMGenevieve Guertin
12UndertowTeam Movemint Amanda Gour
13Hippity Hop Age 4-6Thursday5:45 PMRachel Blanchette
14Ballet/Tap Age 3-4Saturday10:00 AMGenevieve Guertin
15*Wicked* Lyrical/ContemporaryTuesday4:45 PMAmanda Gour
16Kidlet Tap/JazzTuesday4:45 PMMeg King
17Kidlet TapWednesday4:45 PMGenevieve Guertin
18TomorrowTeam Movemint Caryn Miller
19Mini/Petite Acro 2Thursday4:45 PMAmanda Gour
20Tumble/Hip Hop Age 3-6Saturday10:45 AMGenevieve Guertin
21School DaysTeam Movemint Amanda Gour Caryn Miller
Show OrderClassDayStart TimeInstructor
 Opening Number   
1Mini BalletMonday4:00 PMJacqueline Laferriere
2Jazz AWednesday4:45 PMCorey Starr
3For The PeopleTeam Movemint Emily Spencer
4Mini JazzMonday4:45 PMRachel Blanchette
5Petite Lyrical/ContemporaryMonday4:00 PMBrittany Kamenos
6Kidlet Hip HopThursday4:00 PMCassie Bertolino
7Mini Hip HopWednesday4:00 PMCorey Starr
8Petite BalletTuesday4:45 PMRebecca Power
9Anything GoesTeam Movemint Caryn Miller
10Ballet AWednesday5:30 PMElizabeth Quinlan
11Mini TapMonday5:30 PMCaryn Miller
 IntermissionSunday5:00 AMTBA xxxx
12Petite Hip HopThursday5:00 PMKathryn Scarpetti
13Mini Lyrical/ContemporaryMonday6:30 PMBrittany Kamenos
14Acro BMonday7:00 PMJacqueline Laferriere
15Petite Hip HopMonday7:15 PMCassie Bertolino
16Mini AcroTuesday4:00 PMRachel Blanchette
17Petite JazzTuesday5:45 PMGenevieve Guertin
18Mini AcroWednesday5:30 PMAmanda Gour
19Lyrical/Contemporary AThursday6:30 PMAmanda Gour
20Petite AcroThursday4:00 PMRachel Blanchette
21Petite AcroMonday5:30 PMRachel Blanchette
22Mini Ballet/LyricalTuesday4:00 PMMeg King
23School DaysTeam Movemint Amanda Gour Caryn Miller
Show OrderClassDayStart TimeInstructor
 Opening Number   
1Jazz B/CMonday4:30 PMCaryn Miller
2Tap AThursday7:15 PMKathryn Scarpetti
3Petite JazzWednesday5:15 PMGenevieve Guertin
4Pointe 1Thursday5:30 PMRebecca Power
5Better When I’m DancingSparkle Squad Group 25:00 PMRachel Blanchette
6Lyrical/Contemporary B/CWednesday4:45 PMAmanda Gour
7Mini Jazz/TapThursday4:45 PMRachel Blanchette
8Acro AMonday6:15 PMJacqueline Laferriere
9Acro CMonday7:45 PMJacqueline Laferriere
10Not The OneTeam Movemint Stephanie Brewster
11Petite TapWednesday6:00 PMBrittany Kamenos
12Acro B/CWednesday6:15 PMAmanda Gour
13Tap B/CWednesday5:30 PMCorey Starr
14Mini BalletThursday5:45 PMElizabeth Harrison
15Hip Hop AWednesday7:00 PMCorey Starr
16Petite BalletWednesday6:45 PMElizabeth Quinlan
17Hip Hop B/CMonday8:00 PMCassie Bertolino
18Petite AcroTuesday6:45 PMAmanda Gour
19Hip Hop AThursday4:15 PMKathryn Scarpetti
20Ballet B/CThursday6:30 PMRebecca Power
21Mini Hip HopThursday6:30 PMCassie Bertolino
22School DaysTeam Movemint Amanda Gour Caryn Miller
Show OrderClassDayClass TimeInstructor
 Opening Number   
1It’s Going DownTeam Movemint Cassie Bertolino
2Lyrical/Contemporary FTuesday7:30 PMAmanda Gour
3Hip Hop B/CThursday5:45 PMKathryn Scarpetti
4Jazz DMonday6:30 PMCaryn Miller
5Ballet F/Pointe 2Monday6:45 PMElizabeth Quinlan
6Tap DMonday7:30 PMRachel Blanchette
7BlackbirdTeam Movemint Caryn Miller
8Acro FThursday7:15 PMAmanda Gour
9Acro EWednesday7:45 PMAmanda Gour
10Coffee To GoTeam Movemint Amanda Gour
11Hip Hop FTuesday6:30 PMCassie Bertolino
12Tap E/FThursday6:30 PMKathryn Scarpetti
13Lyrical/Contemporary DWednesday7:00 PMBrittany Kamenos
14ShadesTeam Movemint Caryn Miller
15Ballet ETuesday7:15 PMRebecca Power
16Ballet DTuesday5:45 PMRebecca Power
17Lyrical/Contemporary EWednesday7:00 PMAmanda Gour
18Jazz FMonday5:30 PMBrittany Kamenos
19Jazz ETuesday5:30 PMRachel Blanchette
20Miss DemeanorTeam Movemint Cassie Bertolino
21Hip Hop D/EWednesday6:15 PMCorey Starr
22School DaysTeam Movemint Amanda Gour Caryn Miller

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Recital Weekend Info

Saturday, June 1 & Sunday, June 2

Nashua High School North

8 Titan Way Nashua, NH 03063

Recital Show Times:

Show 1 PINK: June 1st 10:00am

Show 2 BLUE: June 1st 12:00pm

Show 3 YELLOW: June 1st 3:00pm

Show 4 PURPLE: June 1st 6:00pm

Show 5 ORANGE: June 2nd 11:30am

Show 6 GREEN: June 2nd 2:30pm

Click here for Recital 2024 Backstage Bracelet Procedure

Click here for Show 1 Check In Procedure

Recital Day Drop Off Times:

Dancers with 3+ dances: 45 minutes prior to showtime

Dancers with 1-2 dances: 30 minutes prior to showtime

*All dancers will be released after BOWS. Out of respect for all dancers and to make sure we have adequate safety at all times, DANCERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE DISMISSED EARLY.

Only TDC STAFF, RECITAL VOLUNTEERS, and DANCERS are allowed backstage NO EXCEPTIONS! This is for the safety of all of our dancers. Please respect this policy. Try to prepare your child ahead of time that you will not be allowed backstage with them. If any child is upset TDC staff will gladly assist in this transition process from parent to backstage. Staff will be clearly marked with colored shirts, students assistants will be wearing colored necklaces.

Blocking Week

May 25th-31st is blocking week!

*Blocking day for Monday classes will be May 20th since we are closed the 27th.

What is blocking week? During this week, each class will rehearse their routine in studio 1. Dancers will get to cheer each other on and rehearse as if they are on stage! (Please note, we do not have a dress rehearsal for the recital.)

Costume Info

Click here to view costume preview images by class!

Costumes are being tried on in your dancers class as they arrive at the studio! All costumes will be sent home during costume distribution week May 13th-18th.

Recital Tights:
Tights are not included and must be purchased for the recital. We sell tights at TDC for your convenience! All ballet class tights: Pink footed All other styles class tights: Nude (skin-toned) stirrup tights

Recital Shoes:
Ballet classes: Pink ballet shoes (Boys black) Jazz classes: Nude jazz shoes Tap classes: Black tap shoes Hip Hop classes age Petite and younger: All white sneakers (exceptions below) Hip Hop classes level A-F: All black sneakers

*Wed 4:00 Mini Mester Aladdin GG: bare feet for recital

*Thurs 5:30 Tumble/Hippity Hop AG: bare feet for recital

*Fri 9:30 Acro/Hippity Hop RB: need all white sneakers for recital

*Sat 10:45 Tumble/Hippity Hop GG: bare feet for recital

*Sat 12:15 Mini Mester 101 Dalmatians GG: bare feet for recital

Recital Hair and Makeup:
Show 1: Hair up/out of face however you can!
Show 2-6: Low bun with center part Makeup: Pink blush, mascara, brown eye shadow, red lipstick etc to help facial features not be washed out under stage lights.
Quick Changes
Dancers listed in these sheets should bring the following costumes to the quick change table upon check in!

SHOW 1 Quick Changes
SHOW 2 Quick Changes
SHOW 3 Quick Changes
SHOW 4 Quick Changes
SHOW 5 Quick Changes
SHOW 6 Quick Changes

Click the day, then your child’s class to listen to their music! 

Contact the office to try a class at TDC!