Our annual Spring Ballet, “Neverland” is coming up on April 7th! This show is designed to tell the story of Peter Pan, while showcasing all of our Ballet classes ages mini and up!

See below for ALL the Spring Ballet details! 

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Dress rehearsal date: Saturday, April 6th

Dress rehearsal location: Nashua High School South (36 Riverside St Nashua, NH 03062)

*Please arrive dressed and ready (costume, hair, and makeup) at least 10 minutes prior to your assigned time!

*Dancers are free to go after they are finished

Please see the Dress Rehearsal Arrival Times tab

*TDC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Put your first and last name on everything!

*Please arrive dressed and ready (costume, hair, and makeup) 10 minutes prior to your assigned time!

  • 12:00-12:10: Tues Petite Ballet RP
  • 12:10-12:20: Mon Mini Ballet JL
  • 12:20-12:30: Tues Mini Ballet/Lyrical MK
  • 12:20-12:40: Thurs Mini Ballet EH
  • 12:40-12:50: Sparkle Squad RB
  • 12:50-1:00: Little Fairies Age 5-7 GG
  • 1:00-1:10: Little Fairies Age 3-4 BK
  • 1:10-1:20 Wed Petite Ballet EQ
  • 2:00-6:30: All Ballet Levels A-F and all lead dancers for full run throughs. *We will take a dinner break, please pack dinner.
The following dancers are called at 12:30 so that they can practice on stage with the classes they dance with:
  • Ballet Level E
  • Lost Boy Posse
  • Crocodile
  • Revival Fairy
  • Peter Pan
  • Wendy
  • Michael
  • John

Show day: Sunday, April 7th

Show time: 2:00pm

Doors open: 1:30pm

Show location: Nashua High School South (36 Riverside St Nashua, NH 03062)

*Please see our Spring Ballet Checklist tab below to see what you should bring/arrive wearing!

Show day arrival times are listed below. Please follow the signs for dancer check-in upon arrival.

Arrival time 12:30pm:

  • All lead dancers and Ballet levels A-F

Arrival time 1:00pm:

  • Mon Mini Ballet JL
  • Tues Mini Ballet/Lyrical MK
  • Tues Petite Ballet RP
  • Wed Petite Ballet EQ
  • Thurs Mini Ballet EH
  • Sparkle Squad RB

Arrival Time 1:30pm:

  • Little Fairies Age 3-4 BK

The following dancers may watch the first half of the show with their families, then should be brought backstage during intermission. They will not need a ticket:

  • Little Fairies Age 5-7 GG

*To view the buttons below on mobile devices, tap the button and scroll down

Costume Info
There is a $50 costume rental fee per student per class.

*Costumes for the Spring Ballet are the property of TDC and are rented.

Costumes will be distributed in class the week prior to the show (April 1st-4th).

Costumes must be returned by April 13th. A $50 late fee will be charged if costumes are returned after these dates.

Every dancer must arrive on show day wearing a nude spaghetti/thin strap leotard, pink tights, and their costume with hair and makeup done.

*For dancers who have more than one costume, arrive wearing your first costume with second costume in a garment bag.

Boys: Wear long black pants and a white t-shirt unless teachers advise otherwise.

Hair: Low bun with a center part

Makeup: Stage makeup like Recital/Holiday Show (Any questions please ask!)

Little Fairies Age 3-7

We are excited to offer an optional routine for dancers age 3-7 who are not already a part of the spring ballet! This will be a super fun fairy themed ballet routine!

Mandatory rehearsal: Friday, 3/22 4:00-5:00

Cost: $20

Costume: DIY Fairy! Get creative and have fun with this! We encourage headbands, flowers, wings, and accessories! Click here for costume inspo.

Please see our “show weekend info” tab for dress rehearsal and show day arrival times!

*Our little fairies will not need a ticket to the show. Ages 3-4 will be able to sit with their families after they perform.

Click here for Little Fairies age 3-4 practice music

Click here for Little Fairies age 5-7 practice music

Click here for Little Fairies age 3-4 practice video

Click here for Little Fairies age 5-7 practice video

Show Order

The following is the order our ballet classes will perform. Please note there are scenes between these numbers as well.


  1. Tues Petite Ballet RP
  2. Little Fairies Age 3-4 BK
  3. Thurs Ballet B/C RP
  4. Sparkle Squad (RB)
  5. Thurs Mini Ballet EH



  1. Tues Ballet E RP
  2. Wed Ballet A EQ
  3. Mon Mini Ballet
  4. Tues Mini Ballet/Lyrical MK
  5. Little Fairies Age 5-7 GG
  6. Tues Ballet D RP
Spring Ballet Checklist

Arrive wearing:

  • Nude spaghetti/thin strap leotard
  • Pink tights
  • Ballet shoes
  • Costume
  • Hair in low bun/center part
  • Stage makeup (like Holiday Show/Recital)
  • Boys: Long black pants & white t-shirt unless teacher tells you otherwise


  • Water bottle (labeled)
  • Mess-free/nut-free snack
  • Additional costumes in garment bag if applicable

All class music will be available here soon!

1. Wendy, John and Michael’s bedroom. Peter’s shadow dances, then hides as W,M and J enter with the maid. J and M have a sword fight, Mr. and Mrs. Darling enter. Time for bed.  Kids beg for a story, which Mrs. D. reads to them. Mr. D. enters with coats as the two of them are going out for the evening. Kids go to sleep. Maid exits.

2. Peter enters looking for his shadow. Peter and his shadow dance, as Peter tries to catch shadow, but his shadow hides. Wendy awakens, Peter and Wendy meet. Peter explains that he’s looking for his shadow.  Wendy helps find Peter’s shadow and sews his shadow back to Peter. Little shadows dance.

3. Tinker Bell enters. Then Little Tinkerbell fairies dance. Tinkerbell gets jealous of Wendy. John and Michael wake. All get introduced to Tinker, who wants nothing to do with Wendy, Michael and John. 

4. Peter convinces W, J, and M to come to Neverland, and teaches them how to fly.



5. Jungle/forest Neverland/ LB’s hangout: Introduction of Lost Boys dance, Level B/C. Tinker Bell arrives, still mad/jealous of Wendy, so she convinces Lost Boy’s that Wendy is a bird and they should shoot her down with an arrow, which they do.

6. Wendy is lying down “shot.” Michael and John are upset, believing Wendy is dead.  Peter enters and sees Wendy then sees TB, who is looking very pleased with herself. Mad with Tinkerbell, Peter demands an answer to what happened to Wendy from TB. To his relief, Peter discovers that Wendy is only stunned, and banishes TB for her actions. PP introduces W,M, J to the Lost Boys and tells the boys that Wendy will be their mother.


7. Pirate ship: Intro to Captain Hook, Smee and pirates dance. Then intro to crocodile/ticking clock.


8. Neverland Princess Forest: Neverland Princesses, Level E. Tiger Lily and her friends dance. The Lost Boys enter and have a fight with the Princesses. The Lost Boys leave but a few stay behind and hide. Captain Hook and pirates sneak in and kidnap Tiger Lily. 


9. Ocean scene:  Peter takes Wendy, Michael and John to the seaside so Wendy can recover. The Lost Boys who hid, enter to tell Peter that Tiger Lily has been kidnapped.


10. Pirate ship: Peter Pan and Lost Boys free Tiger Lily: Peter pretends to be a Princess, distracting Hook, so the Lost Boys can free Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily is grateful to Peter and vows to be his ally. 


11. Neverland/jungle/ LB hangout: Wendy reads bedtime stories to the Lost Boys. Wendy tucks the boys into bed. As she tucks in Michael and John, they tell her they want to go home. Michael and John fall asleep. Wendy tells Peter that they want to go home. Wendy and Peter have an argument.  Peter does not want them to go, so Wendy invites Peter to go home with them. Peter does not like this idea.  He wants to stay in Neverland. Peter, mad with Wendy, sits with his back to her, then falls asleep. Wendy is upset but tries to sleep. Tinker Bell sneaks in but then hides because because she hears someone coming. Smee and the pirates sneak in to kidnap Wendy, Michael and John. Hook sneaks in and puts poison in Peter’s cup. 

12. TB wakes PP and tells PP about Hook. TB stops PP from drinking the poison. PP doesn’t believe TB so she drinks the poison. Lost Boys wake up. PP and LB ask the audience to help him revive TB by clapping their hands if they believe in fairies. TB awakens and tells PP that Hook kidnapped W, M and J. They go to rescue Wendy, M and J.


13. Pirate ship: Open with Tavern maid’s dance. Hook can enter during this dance. Smee and pirates enter with W,M and J. Hook tries to make Michael walk the plank but PP and LB and TB enter. Epic sword fight and Hook/pirates lose.  PP forces Hook to walk plank, sound of Croc’s ticking clock. Hook falls in water. Wendy, M and J decide it’s time to go home. PP and W have a duet. Everyone says goodbye.

14. Mid curtain closes: Hook and Croc tango 

15. Mid rises: Wendy, M and J’s bedroom: Mrs. D is sitting by the window waiting for kids to come home. Mr. D enters to console her. W, M and J arrive and Mr. and Mrs. D are overjoyed. PP and TB arrive and Mr. and Mrs. D offer to adopt him but he refuses. He says good bye and he and TB leave. W, M and J get tucked into bed. Mr. and Mrs D exit. Wendy gets up and looks out the window, PP comes back for one more goodbye. He flies away as Wendy waves goodbye.

Captain Hook: Kenzie Holland

Crocodile: Zakayla Beaton

John: Leighton Lavoie

Michael: Mila Kustron

Mr. Darling: Zakayla Beaton

Mrs. Darling: Alyssa Louis

Peter Pan: Sydney Miller

Peter’s Shadow: Grace Horne

Smee: Gabby White

Tiger Lily: Violet Sudol

Tinker Bell: Rowen Enriquez

Wendy: Olivia Haney

Lost Boy Posse: 

Isis Desmarais

Brooke Dufoe

Cassidy Grainey

Madelyn Hanks

Amelia Jagatic

Madilyn Kosterman

Abby Maeder

Brooklyn Mannarino

Ava Mouradian

Brooke Robie

Hannah Shipley

Evie Stroh

Head Lost Boy: Brynn Callen

Lead Revival Fairy: Molly Callahan

Maid: Felicity Page


Aislyn Ford

Abby Haerinck

Melanie Harmon Stone

Addyson Olszewski

Alexis Sousa

Lead Pirates:

Grace Horne

Alyssa Louis

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