Days Till Showtime!

All important information for TDC’s production of The Addams Family will be on this page!

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Wednesday Addams: Maura St Onge

Gomez Addams: Logan Maier

Morticia Addams: Chelsea Van Zilen

Fester Addams: Adelina Camerlin

Pugsley Addams: Rachel Bergeron

Grandma Addams: Hannah Vigeant

Lurch: Jenny Epstein

Lucas Beineke: Jack Lewis

Mal Beineke: Lucas Allgayer

Alice Beineke: Gabby White

Addams Family Ancestors:

Shae Anderson

Bridget Caddell

Anthony Cardinale

Sloan Cardinale

Ana Cardoso

Emerson Clark

Chloe Constantian

Eva Constantian

Nina Gase

Bridgid Griffin

Baylen Hebert

Everly Hebert

Addams Family Ancestors (Cont):

Londyn Huertas

Emmalyn Korcynski

Thea McMahon

Magnolia Moriarity

Kaitlyn Mortimer

Vanna Muldoon

Salena Pepin

Allison Price

Madeline Short

Braia Silva

Avery Turner

Gwen Welsh

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Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals take place on Sundays from 1/7/23 until show day (3/9/24). Rehearsals will be held from 1:00-6:00pm. Select Saturday rehearsals may be called if needed.

Dress rehearsal: Friday, March 8th

For more info about rehearsals email:

Costume Info

All costume information including costume items from home, hair, and makeup will be posted to this page. Many cast members will be asked to provide items like shoes, black leggings, white t-shirt etc. These details will be available soon!

Practice Videos

All practice videos will be posted in our The Addams Family Facebook group. Make sure to join this group and practice, practice, practice! Click here to join!

Show Day Info

Date: Saturday, March 9th 2024

Show Location: Nashua High School South

36 Riverside St, Nashua, NH 03062

Show Times: 12:00 & 3:00

Dress Rehearsal: Friday, 3/8/24. Additional information coming soon.

*TDC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Put your first and last name on everything!

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