Miss Genevieve

Genevieve is a proud TDC alumni, growing up in both the studios dance and theatre programs. Joining the staff in 2022, this will be her second full year teaching. In addition to teaching dance, Genevieve is a part of TDC’s theatre department, creating sets, props, costumes, and choreography for many shows. 

Miss Genevieve's 2023-2024 Schedule


4:00-4:45: Kidlet Ballet

4:45-5:15: Tender Toes Age 2-3

5:45-6:30: Petite Jazz


3:30-4:00: Technique Mini Power Clinic

4:00-4:45: Broadway Bittys

4:45-5:15: Kidlet Tap

5:15-6:00: Petite Jazz

6:00-6:45: Kidlet Ballet


9:00-9:30: Parent & Me

9:30-10:00: Age 2-3 Ballet

10:00-10:45: Age 3-4 Ballet/Tap

10:45-11:30: Age 3-6 Tumble/Hippity Hop

11:30-12:15: Age 5-7 Ballet

12:15-12:45: Age 5-7 Tap

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